Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'll be gone for a while.

My old camera that I had resurrected died, so no pictures from the last few days. The insurance company came through so I hope to get a lot of new camera gear next week. We'll be getting home Saturday, then the following weekend is the first trial to take pictures at this year. We won't be back on the road again until about the 28th.

Until then
Dick & Kate

Molly will be back then too.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring's not here yet.

I was hoping that spring was finally here, but as the first picture shows, it isn't.
As things worked out, I am going to be here all day tomorrow. I'm not very far from my first delivery on Monday morning. Maybe I can find a church to go to for Easter services.

Snow in Flagstaff, AZ.

Early morning desert.

Mountains and clouds.

This odd structure looks like a cross between a giant golf ball and a spaceship, It has three levels and measures 40 feet in diameter. Lake Havasu Estates built it in 1976 as a restaurant and cocktail lounge for a land developer. The company went bankrupt, however, and the sphere now serves as a private home. The owner has added aliens walking up the ramp and space ships.

Dick & Kate

Friday, April 10, 2009

Standing on a corner

in Winslow Arizona. Am I showing my age here? My Trucker Buddy friends will have to ask their parents about that, but they might be to young too. Anyway, it's pretty windy again here tonight. I stopped today and had new front tires put on the truck, I just didn't feel comfortable with them anymore. It sure is nice not to have that vibration anymore.

Here's a roadside sign with a view of what it's talking about. New Mexico.

This is one of the Indian souvenir shops near the New Mexico, Arizona state line.

These next four are just scenery from New Mexico and Arizona, I'm not sure where, the battery that runs the clock is dead in the old camera I'm using.

Dick & Kate

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It was really windy today.

Not really a pleasant day to be driving a truck. Combined with the ruts in the road, you really have to be paying attention.

Here's a picture I took trying to show the dust blowing. This isn't out of focus, there was that much dust in the air.

There were a lot of grass fires in eastern Kansas yesterday.

Old barn in Missouri.

Here are a couple pictures of some nice looking farms in Kansas.

I like this picture of trees in the morning light in Kansas.

And finally some cows near a windmill in New Mexico.

Dick & Kate.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We're back,

We're back with more pictures. I worked all day Sunday on getting receipts and information together for the insurance company. I lost a LOT of stuff. Hopefully the insurance company will come through. I did have separate insurance on the camera gear. I dug out my old Nikon 990 to carry along until I get something to replace the Canon. So that said here are some pics from today.

This is Kate watching things while I fixed lunch.

This is said to be the worlds largest cross. It's near Effingham, IN.

Here's Kate, doing what she does most of the time, while I drive.

And finally a couple more farms in Illinois.

I'll be glad to get my cameras back, this one's slow and I can't get all of the manual settings I like. I can't get the exact cameras I had, they have been replaced by new models. Hopefully they haven't ruined things with the updates.

Dick & Kate.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I'd have to shoot you.

I have another of those "I'd tell you what it is but then I'd have to shoot you"loads. I'll try to get some kind of picture before I get it to California. After I got it all loaded up, I had to go around Connecticut. They take a pretty dim view of loads that are longer than 53 feet. It took quite a while to load it since I had to rearrange the trailer. Naturally it was raining. I'm back in Pennsylvania tonight, and should be home tomorrow for a couple of days. The one unit is going to California to a show and it has to be delivered on a specific day, so I've a couple of days to kill. I'll probably spend most of that time looking for receipts for the insurance company.
The reports from Molly are good, she seems to be all that I had hoped for.

Dick & Kate

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Headed east.

We're back on the road again, headed to NY and MA. Then on to CA.
There won't be any pictures for a while, someone stole ALL of my camera gear.I'll try to dig out an old one until I can replace the one I had been using for the blog.

Dick & Kate