Saturday, September 25, 2010

Short way to go,long time to get there.

We only had 333 miles to go before Monday AM, so we spent the day doing geocaching. Looked for four and found four. This is certainly good exercise. Sooooo, you ask what kind of treasure do you find?

Here is one we found out in the desert.
As you can see it's quite valuable.

Here's another. This one has a travel bug. It has it's own number and log. It is to be taken and added to another cache on your travels. This one started in Texas, then went to France and the Netherlands before coming back to the states. I found it in Milan,NM and hope to get it back to the midwest soon. You can view the track log here

Here's a picture of Kate and Molly with the SWAG (stuff we all get) out in the desert. Molly will stay very well when working sheep, but she just won't sit still for pictures.

This picture is a watering hole that the cache was on the other side of. K and M had to stay in the truck for this one. We started out together, but the goatheads were so bad they couldn't take a step with out getting stuck. The have learned to stop and wait for me to remove them, and they are very painful.

Dick,Kate & Molly

Friday, September 24, 2010

We've been absent

We've been absent for a long time, just too many things to do. I have found something else to occupy more time. It's called geocaching, it's basically a high tech treasure hunt done with a gps. I have found, at least for now that my Droid phone does a pretty good job. There isn't really much "treasure" just the fun of finding it. Mumsywumsy likes to do it so it's something we can do together. So far I have found 17 out of 23 searches. I was looking for one today and got to within 2 yards of it when my battery died. I did find one today, two yesterday and one the day before. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. More info can be found at