Thursday, February 23, 2012

While the weather isn't quite cooperating,  it has been really nice here. Not quite to the point where I want to open up the whole side of the bus to the weather. I took some time to so some cleaning up so I can walk around in there again. I also have been working on some of those small things that need to get done so something else can get done.

I'm not one to do something the conventional way,  and my heating system is no exception. I'm going to have in floor hot water radiant heat, and since none of the parts I'm using is really meant for the purpose, I have to get everything ready and adapted to accept the pex tubing I'm using.  Each room will have it's own thermostat which controls a water pump to circulate water to that room. Here's a picture of the gang of water pumps, their relays, and the manifold at the other end with air bleeds.

Not really much to take a picture of, but it is really colorful.
 I also have the boiler, water heater and heat exchanger ready for the pex.

 Hopefully the weather will get to the point that I can work on the windows and skin soon.

Friday, February 10, 2012

I have to wait until warmer weather to start the really big job of removing the bus windows and skinning the sides prior to painting. In the meantime, I got the lock installed  for the back door. The door is about half way back on the driver's side. I plan on using it mostly for loading groceries and supplies, but also want it to be operable from the inside in case there might be an emergency. Most of the added locks I have seen can only be opened from either outside or inside.



I almost have the box for the external power cord installed, but as usual things were more difficult than planned. I had to cut through some of the rub rail ribs, and now have to weld inserts into the open ends. Pictures to follow at a later date.